Psycho – Logical: Launch and publicity appearances

Dean Burnett’s new book, the print edition of Psycho-Logical, is published in the UK (and Netherlands) on February 4th.

In the run up to that, he will be doing as many talks, media appearances, articles and performances as possible. Pretty much all of these are guaranteed to be online, what with the pandemic still raging, so anyone should be able to view/read/experience them if they so wish.

In the meantime, pre-order your copies now, either from Amazon, Waterstones, Blackwells, or an independent retailer.

Book Jacket of Psycho-Logical (UK edition)
The UK print edition of Psycho-Logical

Psycho-Logical, and Dean’s mental health focus

It is very exciting to announce that the *print* edition of Dean Burnett’s book, all about mental health and how it works in terms of the functioning of the brain, will be published on February 4th, 2021 (in the UK and the Netherlands, thus far)

You can pre-order from Amazon here.

There will be many talks and publicity pieces announced in due course, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the book’s content, Dean Burnett recently appeared on two episode of the Cosmic Shambles networks ‘Science Shambles Q&A’ , answering questions about mental health alongside other relevant experts.

Smersh Pod antics

Lockdown has hit us all hard and forced us to change our regular routines. But one positive development for Dean is that he’s become a regular guest on the (Patreon exclusive) SMERSH POD ‘Tuesday Night Movie Club’, alongside host John Rain and comedian Dan Thomas.

They basically watch weird and/or terrible movies, and discuss them while getting slowly intoxicated. Subscribe to the SMERSH POD Patreon now to listen