Dean Burnett


You’ve reached the website dedicated to the work of neuroscientist, author, blogger, occasional comedian and all-round ‘science guy’ Dr Dean Burnett.

Dean is the author of the the popular Guardian Science blog ‘Brain Flapping’ (now ‘Brain Yapping’ on the Cosmic Shambles Network with accompanying podcast), the bestselling books The Idiot Brain and The Happy Brain, and is currently working towards his first book aimed at teens, Why Your Parents Are Driving You Up the Wall and What To Do About It.

Dean’s Books

Psycho-Logical audiobook cover

Psycho-Logical (audiobook)

A detailed look at what's going on in the brain when mental health goes awry

The Happy Brain

The Science of Where Happiness Comes From And Why

The Idiot Brain

A Neuroscientist Explains What Your Head is Really Up To

Latest Musing

Smersh Pod antics

Lockdown has hit us all hard and forced us to change our regular routines. But one positive development for Dean is that he’s become a regular guest on the (Patreon exclusive) SMERSH POD ‘Tuesday Night Movie Club’, alongside host John Rain and comedian …

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