Why Does This Thing Exist? (Podcast)


If you’re reading this, it suggests you have at least some vague interest in what prominent neuroscience author Dr Dean Burnett (i.e. me) is up to.

That’s very nice of you. With that in mind, I’d urge you to check out my new podcast, Why Does This Thing Exist?

It is me and my oldest friend Simon (who, despite me knowing him for almost 40 years and having worked with some of the world’s best comedians and writers, remains one of the funniest humans I’ve ever encountered), plus the occasional brilliant guest.

The conceit is simple. Every week, Simon and I bring something we’ve found, some bit of flotsam from the vast ocean of popular culture or modern society, that baffles us, to the extent that we are unsure as to why it exists. What’s the point of it? Who is this for? What was the thinking behind bringing this into being?

We present our ‘things’ to each other, and with a combination of ignorance and wild speculation, try to come up with some explanation as to the thing’s existence. With often hilarious results.

So yes, it’s another podcast by two middle-aged white guys. But instead of downplaying our general cluelessness, we put it front and centre, for the whole world to see.

As Simon so succinctly puts it in episode 3, “We are ignorant pigs. But, we want to be PRIZE pigs!”

Please listen/subscribe/review/share, to the extent that you see fit.

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