Second Book and TV rights

March has brought a double-whammy of Dean-based announcements.

Firstly, it has been officially announced that Dean is working on a follow-up to the internationally successful The Idiot Brain, titled The Happy Brain, all about why the things that make us happy do so, what’s going on in the brain to make us enjoy some things and not others, and so on. Scheduled to be released in May 2018 by Guardian-Faber, the same publishers behind The Idiot Brain

Secondly, the same announcement also confirmed that the TV adaptation rights for The Idiot Brain have been sold to One Ho Productions, the company owned and overseen by Whoopi Goldberg, who is apparently a very big fan of Idiot Brain (US version). So Dean’s efforts may eventually be gracing a screen near you. Who’d have thought? Not him, that’s for sure.