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So, I have another book out. This one is an Audible exclusive audiobook, and it’s the thing I’ve been wanting to write for some time.

It’s called Psycho-Logical, and it’s all about mental health. As in, the underlying science and understanding of mental health. It’s my effort to answer all the important questions which often go overlooked or ignored.

We’re repeatedly told they are, but why are depression, anxiety so common?

What’s going on in the brain to produce and sustain mental health problems?

Why are drugs and other therapies effective? And when they’re not, why aren’t they?

All this and more, is stuff I’ve tried to answer in this book, read in the dulcet tones of Matt Addis (my usual audiobook narrotor) with contributions from many good friends, discussing their own issues and experiences, to give a personal, subjective take too.

In light of this, I ended up writing a lot of stuff about mental health in the buildup to and the days after release of the book, some of which was made up part of a ‘blog tour’, which wasn’t a thing I was aware of before but am very happy to learn about.

So, here’s the list of my recent mental health pieces, with some reviews and Q&As thrown in for good measure.

The link between stress and depression … and the 10 simple words that could help – A longread for The Observer

Awareness and Beyond: Why Mental Health Should Never be Ignored – On the importance of acknowledging mental health problems, particularly for men, for Malestrom

Raising awareness of mental health is all well and good, but the hows and whys are important too – For BBC Focus magazine/website

‘Spreading the word about mental health, accurately, compassionately… that’s a priority of mine’ – A Q&A with The Psychologist

10 Things I’d like my readers to know about me, by Dean Burnett Fun listicle for

Karen Reads And Recommends – A review of Psycho-Logical

Experience versus expertise when writing about mental health – Guest post for LizLovesBooks

MENTAL HEALTH, BUT NOT MENTAL ‘ILLNESS’? – Guest post on the language of mental health, for ThePewterWolf

Staying in with Dean Burnett – Q&A mixed with Guest Post for Linda’s book bag

“Audio Books: A Better Format for Mental Health?” – A guest post about the opportunities of alternative book formats for My Reading Corner

HayleyReviews10 – Q&A with book blogger Hayley

To Listen to this Book or Not? A no-brainer! – A (very positive) review from Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles

That’s about it for now, will add more as and when they go up.

2 thoughts on “Psycho-Logical: many mental health posts”

  • I’m a psychiatric nurse who’s worked in primary care for years. I’m also a hoarder (my wife’s judgement, not mine) of articles relating to my interest in anxiety, depression, and personality disorders, together with their treatment. Because I’m a triage nurse, I’m less focussed on psychotherapy than I am on medication (I’m a prescriber) and diagnostics. I’m also interested the stories clinicians like me tell to engage, share with, and educate people as they make sense of symptoms and treatment choices. You seem to have made a speciality of that. I’ve enjoyed all three of your adult books, which I have as audiobooks (very well read in my view) and paperbacks. The latest one is great too, perhaps my favourite, but frustrating because although you are synthesising lots of research there is no bibliography and I’d love to follow up your references. Are you planning to publish Psycho-logical in book form at all?

    • Hi. Sorry about the slow response here, only just now noticed the comment in the moderation box. Yes, Psycho-Logical will be released as a paperback in February 2021

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