New blogs and pastures greener

A short post, but a necessary one.

Presumably anybody who follows my work and output will a) have questionable judgement when it comes to how to spend their time, and b) already be aware that after 6 years on the Guardian website, the Brain Flapping blog is no more.

Not a decision I claim to agree with, but the whole science blog network is ending at the end of August 2018. It’ll still be there on the site, but it won’t be updated any more.

Not to worry though, as myself and several other members of the network have been snapped up by the new Cosmic Shambles network,┬álaunching September 4th, 2018. I’ll be doing my new Brain Yapping blog there, because why tamper with a known formula? It’s pretty much the same stuff as before, but now with more freedom and flexibility in terms of style and content, so it will probably be even weirder and dafter overall. So that’s nice.

Anyway, that’s a thing that’s happening now. More announcements coming soon.