Dean in 2017

Happy new year to all of Dean Burnett’s readers, fans, well-wishers, vaguely interested types or harmless online stalkers.

2016, despite all the awful stuff going on in the political arena, was a big year for Dean with the publication of his debut book The Idiot Brain, which has since been translated and released in multiple countries worldwide to much acclaim, resulting in Dean appearing in numerous media across the globe.

Rather than calming down and allowing him to fade back into obscurity as is only right and fair, 2017 promises to be hectic for Dean in its own right, with several literature festivals already booked, the release of the smaller paperback of The Idiot Brain (in the UK), many more international releases lined up, and also Dean hosting a panel at the prestigious Royal Institute in London in March.

This isn’t even counting at least 2 major Dean-based announcements that are currently under wraps, but stay tuned about those.

Best wishes to all. Onward, and upward